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  1. International Visitors to the UK

    You'll find data on the performance of international markets (residents of countries outside of the UK) to the United Kingdom in this dashboard.

  2. Outbound Travel by UK Residents

    You'll find timeseries data for UK residents travel to international destinations in this dashboard

  3. Domestic Day Visitors in Great Britain

    You'll find data on the GB domestic day visitors (residents of Scotland, England and Wales) taking trips in GB in this dashboard.

  4. Domestic Overnight Visitors in Great Britain

    In this dashboard you'll find timeseries information on visits, nights and spend by domestic (GB) residents in Great Britain across purpose of trips.

  5. UK Resident Intent to take short breaks and holidays in the UK

    You'll find details of intended month of travel within the UK of UK residents intending to take a holiday or short break in this visualisation.