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The Scottish Tourism Observatory and UNWTO INSTO

How the STO will contribute to achievement of our goals

The Scottish Tourism Observatory project was born out of the development of the national tourism strategy, Scotland Outlook 2030, and will provide a robust evidence base for decision making. The resources will be developed alongside the projects supporting the Responsible Tourism and Destination Net Zero ambitions.

It will be used to share data such as indicators of progress on the strategy and achievement of the Destination Net Zero goals. 

It will also signpost relevant research which will be carried out to support these strategies.

International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories

The UNWTO International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO) is a network where tourism observatories come together to monitor the economic, environmental and social impact of tourism at a destination level. The purpose of this network is to support UNWTO’s commitment to sustainability and growth.

Across the world, there are currently 30 tourism observatories, from China to South America. These all operate with the same goal: to provide relevant and useful data to support sustainable tourism in their destination.

Our aim is for the Scottish Tourism Observatory to become a member of this network, as it will open up opportunities for support and learnings.

To become a member of INSTO, there are 11 mandatory areas which must be monitored. A priority for the Scottish Tourism Observatory team is to work together with stakeholders to identify the most relevant indicators for Scotland and sources of data in these areas.

  • Tourism seasonality
  • Employment
  • Destination economic benefits
  • Governance
  • Local satisfaction
  • Accessibility
  • Climate action
  • Energy management
  • Water / waste water / solid waste management

For more information please visit the UNWTO INSTO website 

The Old Man Of Hoy
Credit: VisitScotland / Colin Keldie