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Using the data

Information about the data provided in the Observatory and how it can be used

Using the data

As it is gathered from open or public sources, the data currently on this site is for people in Scottish tourism to use freely. As well as the provided dashboards and charts, where possible, the option is provided to download the data which has been used to create it.

Information about the data

In the Observatory,  you’ll find a range of data presented in graphs or dashboards. To help you make the most of the data, and to understand what the data is referring to, we have provided some key information.

At the top of each visualisation, you will find:

  • When the data was last updated
  • Where the data was taken from (e.g. International Passenger Survey)
  • Whether you are able to use the data (e.g. Open data)
  • File format and size of the data file if you wish to download it

We have also included handy hints on engaging with the dashboards and points of note when using and interpreting the data displayed.  

How to reference the data

If you’d like to use the data (for example in a document or presentation), you are free to do so. The content is open data from public sources, so you can share the information with others.

When sharing a piece of data or visualisation, we ask that you reference the data set and data source (you will find this information above the visualisation). Also, please mention “the Scottish Tourism Observatory”  and/or link to the Observatory page wherever possible.