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Browsing or searching?

How to find data using the site navigation, search and filters

The Observatory site has been developed to help find specific data as quickly as possible, although we’re happy if you just wish to browse!


The data sections of the site - where data is provided in the form of interactive dashboards and graphs and downloadable datasets - are accessible from the top navigation bar.  These are

  • Tourism in Scotland - where you’ll find data and analyses relating to Scotland’s visitors and tourism sectors
  • Tourism in the UK - where you can find data about Scotland’s major domestic markets - England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland itself.
  • Global tourism - where you can find data relating to international tourism trends

On the top navigation bar, you can also find sections on Responsible Tourism and Community (where there are cases studies and information to provide encouragement and support for using data).  In “Menu”, you’ll find links to information, including the “Using the site” guides.


If you’re looking for specific data on your region or sector, you can search the website or use filters to narrow your results

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • You can do a quick search on the homepage
  • You can filter results by region and topic on the Scotland data page
  • And you can also use data dashboard filters to select the data you need

To search all of the Observatory content (not just data), you can use the search button on the top navigation bar.


Because data relating to tourism in Scotland will become a sizable resource, we’ve also included several curated lists to quickly show related data.  On the home page, you will see “Browse data for Scotland” and three options (reflecting the current data content).  By clicking on this, you will see a list of the data items currently available on each topic.  From there you can use the filter to refine your search even more.